Behind the beautiful designs there are a lot of


  • Gallery Blocks
    PaprikaSoft Gallery Blocks can be added anywhere on your website and offer several of presentation variations, including slideshows, sliders, grid layouts, and more. Integrated lightbox functionality allows for full-browser-sized imagery.
  • Video in Galleries
    All gallery collections allow for mixed media presentations, including video content in addition to images in the same gallery.
  • Display Effects
    Each gallery offers multiple lightweight hover and transition effects.

Reliable service

  • Automatic Scaling
    The responsive web design adapts to the screen size so the website can be perfectly displayed even the smallest smartphone too.
  • Plugins Not Required
    No additional caching plugins are required for your website. Everything is built in, and you do not need to optimize anything.

Built-in functions

  • Form Block
    Form Block supports over 15 different data types, such as name, address, email, and text fields, making it easy to capture data from your site visitors.
  • Newsletter Subscribe Block
    Easily enable newsletter signups from your website with the Newsletter Subscribe Block.
  • Send Newsletter to Groups
    To sending of newsletters you can choose the categories (previously recorded) in which subscribers are grouped. 

Website analytics

  • Attendance stats
    PaprikaSoft CMS gives an overall view of the interactions on the website. (Attendance, number of page viewing, average time spent on the page, returns rate, exiting rate)

Search engine optimization

  • Without Plugins
    No additional caching plugins are required for your website. Everything is built in, and you do not need to optimize anything.
  • Indexed and Searchable
    PaprikaSoft CMS produces pages with clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines.
  • Page Titles
    Give your subpages unique titles and URLs, which you can change at any time and as many times.
  • Clean URL
    PaprikaSoft CMS generates search engine-enabled, clean URL titles, so they can easily be indexed and read.
  • Facebook Open Graph Support
    PaprikaSoft CMS generates proper Facebook open graph tags to be used when your links are shared on social services.
  • Google AuthorRank Support
    This integration provides improved search listings for articles on your website.
  • Robots.txt
    Robots.txt file restrict access to your website for search engine robots that crawl the internet.
  • Automatic Google Sitemaps
    Our system automatically generates the URL of the webpage’s subpages and links them to the appropriate page map, ensuring perfect indexing in search engines.

Commenting system

  • Comment Moderation
    You can set your comments to be sent to a moderation queue before they are shown live on your site.
  • Anonymous Comments
    Enable/disable anonymous commenters. These comments can be displayed after approval.
  • Reply to comment
    You can allow the users to reply the comments.
  • Display Avatars
    You can set to enable or disable commenters' Avatar appearance.

News, blogging

  • Create News and Blog Entries
    As with all PaprikaSoft pages, all Content Block types (text, image, gallery, video, audio, etc.) are available for use within each blog entry. In addition, you can specify the author or source of the article, and you can create categories and tags.
  • Social Media Shares
    PaprikaSoft CMS supports to share your blog entries on several social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+.
  • Workflow, scheduling
    You can schedule the finished entry appearance on the website. If your blog entry requires further editing, you can save it as a draft.
  • Comments
    You can enable or disable for visitors to comment an entry. If enabled, you can moderate the comments before publishing.
  • Comment Display Options
    All elements of the entry (title, author, content, etc.) can be renamed, edited after publication.


  • Individual Newsletter Editing
    You can individually edit the content of each newsletter, which can be more colorful by using images.
  • Send Newsletter to Groups
    To sending of newsletters you can choose the categories (previously recorded) in which subscribers are grouped.
  • Newsletter Blocks
    By adding one single block you can facilitate for your visitors signing up for the newsletter. The block adapts to the webpage design.
  • Newsletter Subscribers
    PaprikaSoft CMS automatically saves the newsletter subscribers, whom you can organize into categories. Previous list of email addresses you can import from an excel file.


  • 24/7 Email Support
    We can provide email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have questions about the system.
  • Paprika Help Center
    Each page is provided with a customized web-based Help Center with detailed help guides and screenshots. To explore the help center, visit

Layout Engine

  • Multilanguage engine
    Our system is equipped with a Hungarian, German and English back-end and front-end section, with a loan translation option or unique content display by languages.
  • Automatically Responsive Designs
    The responsive web design adapts to the screen size so the website can be perfectly displayed even the smallest smartphone too.
  • Custom WYSIWYG Editor
    PaprikaSoft's custom WYSIWYG editing engine supports many content types and complex multi-column layouts.
  • Automatic image scaling
    Image Blocks cuts the images automatically, regardless its location in the content of the page.
  • Full-Screen Editing
    This distraction-and-clutter-free editing mode lets you edit pages and blog entries using your full browser window.
  • Gallery Block
    Gallery Blocks with many presentation styles let you easily embed slideshow strips or image grids.
  • Wrap text around the image
    There are many variations to organize your images and text blocks. For example: column layout, wrap text around the image, etc...
  • Map Blocks
    You can easily integrate Google Maps into your website with Map Blocks.
  • Video Block
    Present videos from YouTube while maintaining your website style using Video Blocks with custom image overlay. (The image overlay improves load speed by waiting to embed video players until a request for a video to be played.)
  • Quote Blocks
    Easily create drop quotes using Quote Blocks.
  • Product Blocks
    Place your e-commerce products into blog entries or any pages of your website.
  • Button Blocks
    Inject a call to action into any page with the Button Block. You can change the text, and the URL.
  • Embed Code
    You can embed custom codes. For example to display panoramas, 3D tutorial.
  • Easy Site Management
    You can manage the pages with drag and drop system. You can edit, and create unlimited number of new ones.

Image Manager

  • Responsive Image Loader
    PaprikaSoft CMS generates several scaled versions of each original image file uploaded. Our image loader detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen.
  • Drag-and-Drop Management
    Add and organize your images instantly. You can drag images directly from your desktop onto your browser window.
  • Lightbox Presentation
    Lightbox functionality is integrated into PaprikaSoft Image Blocks and galleries, allowing for beautiful full-browser-sized imagery. Lightbox presentation of your images can be enabled with just one click.
  • Image SEO
    All images can be placed, named and treated individually.
  • Parallax Image Integration
    You can easily insert a parallax image of the content, or a fixed background image as a place holder.


  • Multiple Contributors
    Give contributors selective access to your site's Website Manager, depending on their permissions.
  • Multiple Access Levels
    Give contributors selective access to your site's Website Manager, depending on their permissions. Access levels include Administrator, Content Editor, Reporting, and Store Manager.
  • Simultaneous logins
    PaprikaSoft CMS allows multiple administrators login at the same time.


  • Retail, wholesale, distributor
    By using user levels customers can order different methods and different prices, with preset conditions of payment and delivery.
  • Digital and Physical Goods
    Sell any type of product using a single interface. Digital goods are delivered via customized email links that expire 24 hours from delivery. Control link sharing and re-send delivery links.
  • Form Block/Product Integrations
    Create complex forms and link them to any product type, so you can request detailed information from the customer for bespoke products or event registration.
  • Layout Engine integration
    Use a Product/Category Block to pull items from your product collection and display anywhere on your website.
  • Product variants
    You can create ​​multiple versions of a single product with various parameters (color, size, weight, etc...) determined.
  • Coupons, gifts, customer incentives
    You can create promotional codes, discounts with optional terms.
  • Methods of Payment and Delivery
    You can create different methods of payments and shipping with individual conditions. (Credit Card, Pay Pal, cash on delivery, free delivery above a minimum limit, Pick Pack point, etc ...)
  • Stock management
  • Intelligent buying process
    In order to facilitate the purchase procedure, customers may register in the system, but they have the option to purchase without registration as well.
  • Email notifications
    The customer will receive an automatic e-mail notification about the ordering and status of the ordered goods. Shop managers get automatic email notification about the incoming orders in the shop.
  • International sales
    The system handles the management with different currencies and limited conditions of payments and delivery which set of regions.
  • Social Integrations
    Easily share store news and product updates to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social service.
  • Innovative engine
    We can connect our system to several ERP or CRM systems via socket xml or csv connection with automatic receipt generation. 


  • Custom design
    All websites made by PaprikaSoft has a custom design. Our excellent designers create the image of the website with the latest trends.
  • Free Google Fonts
    PaprikaSoft CMS includes a curated set of fonts from Google's font library that can be used without having to insert embed codes.
  • Demo Site
    Simply practice on PaprikaSoft's demo site, to see the opportunities provided by the system.
  • Designed for Any Purpose
    Each blocks are fit to the preplanned design.